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Clicksfly Review highest paying shorten link website

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Hello friends, today I am introducing a shorter link website which pays you by just sharing links with others. we know a lot of paid shorten links websites where we can shorte long website link and share it with others. Today I am reviewing a site names

What Is
Clicksfly is a website where you can shorte long website URL and share it with others. but this site pays you when someone clicks on your shortened link. 

How to make an account on
Firstly you need to go to the site Now click on Register an account and fill up necessary details and click on signup after that confirm your email address.

you can signup with your Gmail account with just one click.

How to shorten a website link 
Just go to dashboard and click on "New Shorten link" After that put long website URL and click on shorten then you will get a shortened link like this User just need to solve a captcha and wait to 12 sec after that user will redirect to the original website.

How to get Shorte link visit.
you can share your shorten link on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other sites. You can use it on your website if you are website owners. 

How much you will get for one link visit
There are different rates for different countries. Here you can check how much you will get for every 1000 visit. You will get maximum 15$ and minimum 2$ for every 1000 clicks.

Other feature
You can get other services from this website also.
Quick link - here you will get a Quick link where you can add any website link at the end of the quick link and you will get paid for every link visit.
Mass Shrinker - here you can shorte up to 20 links at a time but use it carefully they can disable your account if you abused this feature.
Full Page script - here you can get a full page script which you can use at your website. After that, every link of your website became paid link.
Developer API - this feature is for website developer where you can use it according to your website.
Bookmarklet - you can shorte link easily with this feature.

you can refer other people with your referral link and you will get 20% of their lifetime earning. You can use their banner for promoting this website on your own website and you can also use social networking sites to get referrals.

you can request to withdraw your earning from between 1st to 24th day of every month. but you will get paid on between 25 to 30 of every month. Minimum withdraw is different for every payment method. Here are the details
Payment Proof 
here is my payment proof for this month.

If you have any question regarding to this site. Then you can ask me in the comment section.

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